Make the most
of your USDT

USDTOCH brings collateral-free lending on-chain, maximizing
capital efficiency for borrowers and earning rates for lenders.

Audits and security measures

Continuous audits and security measures to protect the protocol

  • Security Audit

  • Formal Verification

  • Bug Bounty Program

Meet USDToch
USDTOCH’s leading credit protocol for real-world and crypto-native lending, governed byholdersofUSDT.
  • Competitive Returns

    Take advantage of some of the highest and most consistent returns in DeFi on a growing range of investment products.

  • Exit Anytime

    Lend with no lockup period and deep exit liquidity, giving you ultimate control of your assets.

  • Default Protection

    Your loaned assets are assured by USDTOCH’s SAFU fund and USDT stakers, offering millions ofdollars in aggregate coverage - with an industry-leading record of underwriting.

  • Maximum

    Track every dollar loaned to USDToch’s vetted borrowers on-chain, and review regular attestationsof USDT token treasury.

  • Vetted

    USDToch borrowers complete a thorough onboarding, earn community approval, and sign an enforceableloan agreement.

  • By & For
    Our Users

    USDToch's USDT holders govern the protocol, approve new borrowers, and influence key treasury &partnership decisions.

  • $ 24,193,933 USD

    Total Value Locked
  • $ 37,999,068 USD

    Total Interest Earned
How USDToch Makes Loans
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